What Do People Of Maardam Think About Having A Great Population Of Muslim Refugees In Their Country?!

Only a few days ago, surfing the Internet and looking for the usual stuff, I accidentally came upon a Facebook status of a good friend that I hadn’t seen for some time, and who lives here in our capital, in Maardam, and works as a priest.

Namely, his FB status was regarding the (supposedly) great number of Muslim refugees who are arriving from Syria, and seeking shelter in the Saint Clare Church. What he was trying to explain is that none of these people had even the basic necessities for living, not even a pillow, or a mattress to sleep on, mainly because the shipment with humanitarian aid which supposedly should have been here already, still hadn’t arrived.

So, my friend began asking his friends to help him deal with this situation (an ordeal, actually), by donating as much as each one of them could. Thus, after reading the status, me and my girlfriend quickly gave ourselves a task to gather at one place anything we can, every little thing that we could afford to give away, and then put it in our vehicle. We also called some of our friends, explain them the situation, and went to some of their houses to help them with the transportation (the ones who didn’t own a car).

It didn’t take us more than three hours to fill the church with the stuff we brought, and with it, to give a hope to a group of desperate Muslims (amongst them, children at the age of 2 or 3), to feel that they’re welcome, and that there are people in this country, who are willing to help, no matter of the person’s color of the skin, or his/her religion, etc… And with it, we believe that we clearly showed how we, the people of Maardam, feel about having Muslim refugees in our country.

The point is that if we don’t help desperate people, and showed them hospitality, where do you think they might end up searching for one? ISIS? Al Qaeda?… The very thought of something like that makes me feel my neck skin crawl I firmly believe that it’s far better to make a desperate person a friend, than to reject him, simply for being different from you!