There has been an outbreak of camera store burglaries in the M.A. since 2016. Are they connected?

With ninja-like precision, a team of thieves ransacked the Pro Photo Connection store in Maardam on May 11 stealing about $160,000 in cameras and equipment in less than 26 minutes.

The thieves (a security video shows four and possibly five suspects with one suspect directing the others) cut a hole in the roof, cut the alarm, hauled merchandise out of the store in large cardboard boxes and kicked in the store owner’s office door. They wore baseball-type caps and hoodies with painter’s masks. They drove off in a white van.

They were so focused on Nikon and Canon cameras, they didn’t touch store owner Jan Oldfield’s collection of Elvis Presley memorabilia – Elvis dolls, puzzles, cookbooks, a Christmas hat and other figurines – that she keeps in her office. One of the thieves kicked open the door to her office, passed up dozens of Elvis items, took her computer and walked out of the store with a limp.