The People of Maardam Donated $1 Million To Help Battling The Forest Fires!

It was reported that just a day ago, the local municipal government of the city of Maardam received a donation of $1 million, from the town’s citizens, in order to help the battle against the forest fires, that took place all over the county. Ever since the beginning of April, the situation with the fire has been constantly escalating in the town of Maardam, and according to the current estimations, there are around 120 wildfires that are burning in the central and northern of parts entire Maardam county.

There’s no doubt that this donation of $1 million will help a great deal for the continued fire response efforts, and by that we mean purchasing the needed equipment and necessary supplies in order to suppress the wildfires, as well as continuing the work of supporting fire rangers and the entire personal involved in battling the fires.

At these moments, there are around a thousand of firefighters from the Maardam county, assisted by more than 480 firefighters from the support staff and the reserves. The aircraft equipment from other American states, provinces, and counties (and even Mexico).have also been given on a disposal, in order to bring the situation under the control, as soon as possible.

Of course, as the authorities have stressed numerous times, the priority has been engaged to put a maximum effort on the safety of the public, and perform as best possible protection of all the involved communities, as well as the ones who could (soon) find themselves in a potential danger. We also mustn’t forget that government support in delivering the front-line operations, which provides base funding of around $70 million, to bring the situation under a closure as soon as possible.

This has been recognized as one of the worst fire seasons in more than 10 years previously!