Kinner indicted with first-degree murder in killing of 3-year old!

After a short deliberation, the grand jury of Maardam has found guilty the man who was accused of murdering a 3-yr old kid, as well as doing a grave damage, directly regarding a personal assault (mainly directly wounding) to 8 other people, in his mass frenzy attack with a knife, in which he stabbed all those people (including the little child) in a Maardam apartment complex.

The name of the accused man is Timmy Kinner, a 30-yr old male who already, previously had one count of 1st-degree murder, as the main Maardam County Prosecutor, Jan Bennetts, have announced a few days previously.

Thus, it didn’t take a long time for the jury to find the 30-yr old Timmy Kinner guilty of the 1st-degree murder, as well as guilty of the additional 8 counts of aggravated battery, 2 counts of aggravated assault, one more count of burglary, and finally, a weapons enhancement charge.

It’ is beyond any doubt that Timmy Kinner is guilty of all these charges raised against him, the only thing which isn’t sure at this moment, as the Prosecutor Bennetts says, is whether they are going to pursue the death penalty for this man.

His defenders had no comment to give to the public and the media, after the trial was over…