Father, restaurant owner murdered in Maardam in front of Durham home

The widow and daughter of a man murdered outside his home on Carlton Crossing Drive in Durham on Sunday want police to find those responsible. Shirley Chan said she and her husband, Hong Zheng came home late Sunday, after closing their Chinese restaurant. She said the return home is always scary because they’ve been targeted before.

“This is like a daily routine,” Zheng’s daughter, Jade Zheng said. “Where I look out from out from the window from my brother’s room. And my brother is downstairs with the magazine and the gun separated, and handing it to my mom when she gets out the car first because robbery, break-ins, it’s happened more than once.”

Chan said multiple men were waiting by their home, and she exchanged gunfire with them. She was grazed by bullets, and her husband was killed in his car.